Practice Areas                                                                



Trade Law
Establishing all forms of trade enterprises, with domestic and foreign capital.
Drawing up acts for establishing and making changes in trade enterprises, their representative offices and units.
Representing in procedures of bankruptcy and liquidation.

Nongovernmental Organizations and Foundations
Establishing of nongovernmental organizations and foundations, advisory services and draw up acts for their operating.

Copyright and Law on Industrial Property
Representing in procedures of protecting copyright and industrial property rights in State Office of Industrial Property and associated court procedures cases.

Civil Law
Draw up agreements and other acts in civil law: obligations, estate and cadastre, family law, succession etc.

Labour Relations
Legal advices related to labour relations, employment contracts, of regulations and other acts correlated to labour regulations.
Legal services for employment and providing labour licenses for foreigners.

Representing in court and other administrative procedures.
Representing in civil cases in court and administrative procedures.
Representing in procedures in European Court of Human Rights.